Afro Healing Diaspora Dance Class with Alicia


Jun 07 2020


Eastern Time
2:00 pm


ALL proceeds will go to the SOOAKLAND™ LLC GoFundMe which will help rebuild Black businesses in Oakland, CA


Join me, Alicia the Dance Dragon Slayer, for a special welcome back edition of Diaspora Dance. ALL LEVELS AND ALL HUMANS ARE WELCOME! SUNDAY • JUNE 7th • 11:00am PDT • ONLINE

AFRO HEALING DIASPORA DANCE CLASS! I wanted to create a space where Black music and dance can do what it was meant to do, provide healing. Though our fight continues, in order to keep going on strong, we must have breaks of self-care, release, and restoraration. This class is an opportuniy to do just that!

Diaspora Dance, traditionally, is a Caribbean Vibes meets Afro Pop dance party class. Well, I’m keeping the same vibes and switching it up a little!

We’ll be layering a fun fusion of Dancehall, Afro Pop, and Hip-Hop moves over one of the most uplifting songs of all time, “OPTIMISTIC” by Sounds of Blackness!

Pay what you can, ALL proceeds will go to the @sooakland Go Fund Me which will help rebuild Black businesses

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