Awareness-Based Neuromuscular Re-patterning (ABNR) with @hyp_access


Aug 18 2020


Eastern Time
4:00 pm





Open ABNR for all audiences! Dance and somatic educators welcome. This is a space to learn about ABNR, hypermobility, and Hypermobile disability. Suitable for non-Hypermobile movers, teachers, and medical professionals, as well as any injured, chronically ill, or Hypermobile folks who are curious about our practice. We ask for a minimum of $5 from non-Disabled practitioners.
ABNR is a new Hypermobile-accessible somatic practice designed by and for people with widespread hypermobility (greater than normal joint ROM and the realities that come with it), chronic illness/pain, and disability. ABNR combines #SensorimotorTheory with values of #DisabilityJustice to safely address connective tissue related sensory imbalances and create a space to practice self-dialogue in relation to Access needs. Class includes sensory integration activities, discussion of connective tissue anatomy/function, and strategies for proprioceptive re-education that are accessible and risk-minimizing. Accessibility = centering #DisabledKnowledge and community.
Class lasts one hour, with half an hour afterwards for open discussion/questions.

Hyp-ACCESS is a Hypermobile-specific #DisabilityJustice project run by dance artists Laura Tuthall and Audre Wirtanen. They work toward transforming the inaccessible realities faced by Hypermobile people (whether or not they identify as Disabled or have any formal diagnosis) in #Dance, #Somatics, and #Medicine. Hyp-ACCESS teaches @gibneydance, is a member of the 2020 #MovingTowardJustice program, collaborates with fellow scientists at WUStL and Keene State, and trains PTs and other body-based practitioners to make their physical practices Accessible.

Venmo: @audrewirtanen (# digits 2651), @ltuthall (# digits 8069)
Any donations of $1-$25 are greatly appreciated however no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Zoom link:
Zoom password: 640262

Image description: pale yellow graphic with two images overlaid. On the top left, a mustard yellow image with navy blue writing reads “Awareness-Based Neuromuscular Re-patterning”. On the bottom right is a digital drawing by Isa Coleman off a photo by Liam Cotter – the background is a vibrant creamy orange. Laura, positioned higher on the left, is depicted with mint green hair, a hot pink shirt, and a lavender sweater and is looking soberly at the camera with her cane gripped in both hands. Audre is sitting beside her on the right, smiling knowingly, and is depicted with hot pink hair and a goldenrod jumpsuit. End description.

(Class offered via @freeskewl)

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Aug 18 2020
  • Time: 4:00 pm

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