Countertechnique Online with Niharika Senapati


May 22 2020


9:00 pm - 10:15 pm




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Additional information on Instagram handles:  @countertechnique

Through the Countertechnique tools and principles, we will work on technical training, conditioning and refining of the body in an accumulative class structure that will lead towards a juicy phrase. Built for enjoyment and freedom within the limits of your surroundings.

For timezone clarifications, I am located in Melbourne, Australia (GMT+10) timezone. Local Melbourne for this class is 11am Friday, which is 9pm Thursday (EDT)timezone.


Due to effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, Countertechnique has suspended all of its studio activities and is now temporarily offering a program of online activities. The program is offered by our community of teachers around the world and is aimed specifically at professional dancers and advanced dance students, in particular those who have previously taken Countertechnique classes.

In a 1 hr 15 min format, the online Countertechnique classes are tailored to small spaces. The classes offer familiar elements of the Countertechnique studio class and aim to create more space in body and mind. Due to the experimental format the classes will also form a platform for further research and development. Where possible, in the initial stage of the program launch, we will offer the opportunity to reflect and provide feedback immediately after the class. As a consequence of the exploratory nature of the activities, format, content and timing of the classes might change over time.


– You MUST register in advance of each class:

– Download the Zoom software and create an account in order to register for each class:

– Make sure you have access to Spotify:

– If you’re tuning in from interstate or abroad, check the time difference between the teacher’s city and yours here:

– Create space in your room, use a laptop or computer screen and play the sound over AirPods or external speakers.

– It is strictly forbidden to make any recordings of the classes.

Class information is gathered through community submissions. Dancing Alone Together takes no responsibility for class quality or errors in event data.