Deeply Rooted Dance Theater: Beyond Dance Continuum


Apr 30 2020


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm





We all have creative ability. One of Deeply Rooted’s most distinguishing characteristics is its commitment to personal growth and self-actualization for the individual as a creative human being. This philosophy is quite unique within the predominant dance/culture, which often demands allegiance to an appointed vision, systems and/or techniques, asking the learner to suppress his/her individual voice in support. Deeply Rooted encourages its artists, teachers, and students/program participants to set personal goals, to extend into the world, explore, learn, reflect and come back to share, teach, and re-connect with the Deeply Rooted community, thus keeping its process, aesthetic, artists and personnel challenged, inspired and growing vibrantly.

Deeply Rooted believes so ardently in the power of self-actualization that it has developed a forum – the Continuum Process – to serve as a foundational and guiding element within all of its Programs. The Continuum Process unfolds in three-stages.

Note: Registration/Check-in 15 minutes prior to class.

Stage One — orientation and goal setting (15 minutes)

Program participants receive information about the company, the program they are participating in, and the Continuum Process philosophy.

Collectively, participants discuss their aspirations and reflect upon their individual goals for this program experience.

Each participant selects up to three tangible goals, commits them to paper and places them aside for later self-reflection after experiencing the creative session.

Stage Two — creative session (up to 45 minutes)

Participants engage in the scheduled creative experience (i.e., movement session, dance class, video/movie viewing, podcast listening, poetry/spoken word reading, guest speaker, etc.)

Stage Three — individual and peer learning, community building (up to 30 minutes)

Participants discuss their experiences. Talking about their experiences often uncovers important self-discoveries and connections amongst the group. This reflection helps participants refocus and/or refine their goals, determine what has changed or evolved through their learning, and hopefully, articulates new thoughts regarding personal growth and/or the process. They are asked to thoughtfully reflect upon their experience, revisit their initial goal statements, evaluate if they were relevant or not to their overall experience, whether they achieved their goals, and if not, are still relevant to pursue. This stage provides an opportunity for self-realization and assistance in finding their creative and authentic voice which is DRP’s vision for all participants and artists alike.

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