Fallow Flood Body: A process workshop with Jessie Young


Nov 21 2020


Eastern Time
11:00 am





In this class, I will lead us between fluidly interconnected practices of moving, reading, writing, and drawing together. I’m interested in a simple structure— that we show up, for 75 minutes, for ourselves and one another— that supports the complex web of interactions, contexts, and desires we each bring. How can we harness our imagination within our available scale? How can we allow ourselves to change our mind?

Jessie Young is a Brooklyn-based choreographer, performer and teacher. Her practice seeks to construct new paradigms for information-sharing within pre-existing thought systems, artistic and pedagogical lineages, and socio-economic realities. She challenges conventions of image construction and meaning-making through an excavation of corporeal knowledge and perceptual experience, viewing her work as an intrinsically feminist practice.

Class is $1-35+ (no one turned away for lack of funds). If you would like to sponsor a person to take class, simply double your payment!
All proceeds will go to the freeskewl Reparations Initiative.
Venmo: @jessie-young-5
Paypal: freeskewl@gmail.com

Zoom link: zoom.us/j/3093774924
Zoom password: 640262
Accessibility: Closed captioning will be available through Rev Live Captioning
(hosted by @freeskewl)

Image Description: In a split screen image, Jessie (right hand side) is flinging her head sideways, her blond hair flying out in front of her to cover her face. Her right arm, partially out of frame, is extended straight behind her, and her left hand is softly curled and peeks out from the crown of her head. She is wearing a color-blocked pink and yellow t-shirt with orange trimming and red pants. The photograph exposure causes her skin to appear to radiate a blurry orange glow. White and yellow fabric is scattered on the wooden floor, and a small square mirror is leaning against the white wall behind her. The left-hand side image is identical, but inverted upside down. End description.

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