Feldenkrais: Balancing the Nervous System with Josh Elbaum


Nov 23 2020


Eastern Time
5:30 pm




In times of stress or dramatic change, it is normal for our nervous systems to become unbalanced. In this class, we will use gentle movement to reorient our systems towards rest, recovery, and new growth. This class may be helpful for anyone experiencing muscle pain, tightness, difficulty sleeping, minor depression, or anxiety. It will be useful to anyone who wants to deepen their embodiment in another practice, from yoga, running, or dance, to music and art. In each class, there will be tools to take with you that can be used to evoke the effects of the lessons when needed. Over time, these effects will accumulate and manifest in a neuromuscular system that is more relaxed, adaptable, and integrated.
I came to this work as a musician unable to play my instrument, with chronic pain that kept a veil between me and the people in my life. Through my relationship with the Feldenrkais method, I have not only healed from my injuries, I have illuminated the habits that held me back from intimacy, trapped me in the projections of society, and limited my imagination of what life could be. I am a guild-certified Feldenkrais practitioner currently living in Boston, with a passion for helping people work through physical and emotional challenges in order to free the creative voice, and touch the simple joy of living in a body. I am a writer, an educator, a musician, a Taiji practitioner, a truth seeker, and a somatic astronaut. I hope you will join me on a journey of self and collective discovery through movement, awareness, and beauty.
Class is $1-35+ (no one turned away for lack of funds). If you would like to sponsor a person to take class, simply double your payment!
Venmo: Joshua-Elbaum-1
Paypal: jbelbaum@gmail.com
Zoom link: zoom.us/j/3093774924
Zoom password: 640262
Accessibility: Closed captioning will be available through Rev Live Captioning
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Image description: Feldenkrais practitioner Josh Elbaum with curly dark brown hair wearing a blue-and-white cloud print collared shirt stands facing the camera wearing a pleasant expression. His hands are tucked behind his back. He is standing next to a tree trunk with leaves framing the top of his head and greenery in the landscape behind him. End description.

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