Hip Hop Dance with Gail Wilson


Jun 29 2020


Eastern Time
8:00 pm




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Hip Hop Dance with Gail

Hiya! I’m Gail & I’ll be teaching a dance class on Predella to support INCITE!
From growing up doing theater & dance to choreographing in college & beyond, I love to move and thoroughly believe dancing is way too fun to pass up. I’ve taught all levels, this class will be accessible for everyone, and I guarantee, it’ll be a fun time!

INCITE! is a network of radical feminists of color organizing to end state violence and violence in our homes and communities.

INCITE! organizes from the framework that locates women of color as living in the dangerous intersections of sexism and racism, as well as other oppressions. Women of color who survive sexual or domestic violence are often told that they must pit themselves against their communities to address their experience of violence. Communities of color, meanwhile, often advocate that women keep silent about sexual and domestic violence in order to maintain a united front against racism. Furthermore, women of color also experience institutionalized violence such as law enforcement violence, incarceration, and sterilization abuse.

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