Intermediate Ballet Barre & Choreo. for Dancers with Learning & Information Processing Disorders


May 15 2020


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Instagram Live



Instagram Live: @dance_of_the_differently_abled

We’ll be continuing with the choreography that was started last week. Visit the YouTube link provided below to learn last week’s choreography.

This class will be accessible to anyone with any condition that affects their ability to learn, take in information, or to process information  (e.g., ADHD, dyscalculia, non-verbal learning disorders, and other conditions that create executive function deficits). Barre combinations will be presented in writing, through spoken words, and through visual demonstration. A pre-professional student volunteer will be available to answer questions in the comments and to clarify combinations as needed. The class will be paced to ensure that everyone understands the combinations before moving on. Additionally, clear directions will be given in the centre to counter the challenges presented by the mirrored imaging used on Instagram Live.

This class is scheduled for 90 minutes, but will run as long as needed to complete a full barre and centre. We will not rush through just to meet a time limit.

Class information is gathered through community submissions. Dancing Alone Together takes no responsibility for class quality or errors in event data.