It’s a F*cking Miracle: a vigorous somatic dance class with Tahni Holt and Suniti Dernovsek, FLOCK Dance Center


Apr 21 2020


10:00 pm - 11:00 pm




Donations accepted

Link to register:
10pm-11pm EDT / 7pm-8pm PDT

It’s a f*cking miracle we are here right now under and held by this sky. It’s a f*cking miracle we breathe, we move, we sweat, we love, we anger, we feel anything at all, it’s a f*cking miracle. It’s a f*cking miracle we dance, we prance, we shake, we jazz finger it up sometimes. This is a dance party, an exercise class, a somatic lesson, a play date, it’s a f*cking miracle. We are collective action and we are individual desire.

It’s a F*cking Miracle is nonexclusive, it is meant for every body of all shapes, sizes, abilities and identities. For this hour, your body is the guide as prompts are given, your body translates all that is into this moment of a miracle, of you being here right now. Now let’s dance.

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