KINETICA Movement Sessions with Delphina Parenti


Apr 30 2020


Eastern Time
10:30 am - 11:45 am




$5-$10 pay what you can

Quote from a dancer who’s regularly been taking this class:
“I look forward to this class each week. How the integrity of the work we do challenges my artistry and how the ideas resurface throughout my mundane life experiences.” ~ Kate Jordan

Kinetica is the unique improvisational method developed by Israeli choreographer Nadine Bommer. It is inspired by the endless motion of the sea and of the Kinetic energy informing the movement of its’ waters. Kinetica provides a step by step process to create a uniquely personal movement language. It cultivates full control of fluid, malleable and expensive movement using internal listening. The technique brings the dancer to a state of “losing the bodily form”. Losing this sense of form and developing control of kinetics allows the dancer to “sketch” and demonstrate the movement of energy in the space with their body. Keenly listening brings the dancer to move uniquely in a continuous and fascinating manner. Kinetica is the previous developmental stage of Nadine’s ‘Animato Dance Art’:

The first 45-55 min of class focuses on Kinetica research. In the end part of class (last 20 min or so), concepts of Kinetica are applied onto contemporary phrase-work, strengthening the dancer’s ability to pick up material while maintaining the sensory awareness and bodily availability cultivated during the Kinetica process.

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