Taking a Moment with Irene Hsi


Aug 19 2020


Eastern Time
1:00 pm





What to do when we’re fucking angrygrieved? What is sufficient to meet this moment? What is better than being paralyzed by existential anxiety? What to do when we’re not winning at any of this? We gather, we move together. We return to the wisdom of our own moving bodies. We speak with our wordless selves. I aim to facilitate a safe space for kinetic communion. I will share improvisational prompts and sometimes codified movement from a contemporary dance tradition in order to create opportunities to dialogue with our own bodies and with each other.

Irene Hsi is a performer, dance-maker, and movement teacher. She has been making movement-based performance for more than fifteen years in NYC, New England, and CA. She has been fortunate to learn from and work with many teachers and artists including Barbara Mahler, Michelle Boulé, Jill Sigman/thinkdance, Anneke Hansen, Emily Beattie, Allyson Green, and The Nerve Tank Theater Company. Irene was an inaugural teacher for the Midday Movement Series in Cambridge, MA. Recent awards and residencies include Dancers’ Group Spring 2019 CA$H Grant and SAFEhouse Arts Resident Artist Workshop.

This class is donation-based, please direct funds to freeskewl or to For the Gworls (https://www.artsbusinesscollaborative.org/asp-products/for-the-gworls-ftg/) whose mission is: “to serve the Black transgender community — many of whom are artists — by helping pay them to pay their rent, medical bills, and gender-affirming surgeries.”

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Zoom password: 640262


Image Description: The background is saturated in blue light that covers the floor and the wall. In the center is a single figure, a woman with light skin and black hair wearing a black t-shirt with a gray circle and black pants that look almost blue because of the light. She is lying on her back with her legs extended above her, the right leg straight and the left slightly bent. She is rolled all the up so that her torso is completely off the ground and her weight rests on her shoulders. Her arms are supporting her by pushing into the ground perpendicular to her suspended body. Her eyes are closed and her chin is tucked.

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Aug 19 2020
  • Time: 1:00 pm

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