Living Room Recess: Physical Theatre with LuneAseas


May 13 2020


12:30 pm - 1:00 pm


Facebook Live,
Instagram Live,


Suggested donation: $5/class

In the midst of life’s current challenges, when millions around the world are isolated from each other, we invite you to take break. Move, create, and connect as a community in the comfort, safety of your own home.

In our Wednesday edition of Living Room Recess we explore new movement games, challenges, and creation as we listen to the echos of our own movement using methods learned from Physical Theatre. This 30-45 min session will invigorate your body, expand your creativity, and refresh your mind.

Classes are given on Zoom, Instagram Live, and FaceBook live.

Class Schedule:

Monday Blues (dance conditioning) – 10:30 MST Instagram and FB live @luneaseas

Tuesday (contemporary ballet w/Casper)- Link via zoom

Wednesday (Physical theatre) – 10:30 MST Insta and FB live @luneaseas

(Physical theatre/Dance fusion)- 10:30 MST Insta and FB live @luneaseas
Modern floor methods w/ Casper 7-8pm MST via Zoom

Classes are donation based, give what you can, if you can. Suggested donation is $5 per class. All donations go directly to support LuneAseas teachers, LuneAseas artists, and artist collaborators.

Class information is gathered through community submissions. Dancing Alone Together takes no responsibility for class quality or errors in event data.