Oomi with Danielle Agami/Ate9


May 05 2020


1:00 pm




Suggested donation of $5/class

Visit https://www.ate9dancecompany.com/our-training.html for Zoom class links and donation link.
Suggested donation of $5 for class.

Danielle Agami’s Open Offering of Movement: Oomi is a movement practice that brings us both inwards and outwards. Oomi is recommended to professional movers and passionate humans alike. In class, we will explain, ignite, and experience a generous exchange of exercises and ideas for movement and expression. Oomi works on your communication with yourself by opening further your communication with everything around you. It’s an Intimate party of oneself with dramatic expression, physicality and coordination all at once.

Agami finds it crucial to allow a new path of thought, movement and creation where she can maintain her research, share it, and continue making dance accessible to as many people as possible. She believes that a movement practice should stay innocent from style, and that imitation should be replaced with ownership and understanding. Agami believes that the conversation between the students and teachers should always be a positive dialogue. Oomi is a separate avenue, an evolution sourced through Gaga and now taking time and place in Los Angeles CA in the home of Ate9.

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