Restorative Circle for Dancers


Aug 02 2020


Eastern Time
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm





The last couple months have been very challenging for all of us who are involved in dance. It has been wonderful for us to still be able to connect with so many of you for dance class over Zoom, but we realize that Zoom class doesn’t work for everyone, and that even if it does, we are all dealing with upheaval and loss in our lives.

The Restorative Circle for Dancers provides a dedicated time and forum for dancers to come together to talk and reflect on their current experiences and to give and get meaningful support. The Circle is a safe, protected space that allows people to create community, comfort, and belonging.

Coach / Mediator Nora Ludviksen will provide the framework and lead/guide the Circle. The dancers who attend will define what they want to get from the circle, and will decide on the values and norms they’ll follow.

It is part of Dance Fremont’s mission to support the dance community. We recognize that everyone needs extra care and support right now, and this is one of the ways we are trying to be there for the community that we love so much.

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Class information is gathered through community submissions. Dancing Alone Together takes no responsibility for class quality or errors in event data.