/ showing up / practice with Marion Spencer


Jun 25 2020


Eastern Time
12:00 pm





showing up // practice
This will be a collaged practice of rituals for /showing up/- for community, for self, for art, for empathy, for listening, for action. This will be an experiment. I am asking, What is possible right now? We will move, write, sweat, sing, listen, feel, train, draw, and make dances. We will hold space for each other. We will /be/ together. Suitable for every level of mover, every kind of artist, every kind of human wanting to show up. As dear mentor/teacher/friend Michelle Boulé says, ‘community is what happens when we continue to show up’. Hope to /see/ you there.

My name is Marion and I am a dance artist based in Brooklyn, NY. I dance, I sing, I make, I teach. As a maker, I am currently researching energetic and tonal collaging – sourcing intuition and imagination, in addition to our very real world. My practice calls for transformation through an undoing of ourselves via rigorous physicality and rigorous empathy, inviting us to feel, ask questions, and consider what else both imaginatively and constructively. www.marion-spencer.com.

Venmo: @Marion-Spencer
Paypal: marion.l.spencer@gmail.com
my paypal me link:  https://paypal.me/supportMarionSpencer?locale.x=en_US
Any donations from $1-$25 is greatly appreciated however no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Zoom link: zoom.us/j/3093774924
Zoom password: 640262

(Hosted by @freeskewl)

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