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Please note that Dancing Alone Together is phasing out and is no longer actively posting opportunities in 2021.



October 10, 2020: Dancing Along Together is winding down. Please refer to the notice on the homepage for details.

What time zone are classes listed in?

The default time zone for events is Eastern Time (New York). 

How do I submit a class?

As of 2021, the class calendar is no longer active and submissions are closed. Previously classes were submitted using an online form and were reviewed by Dancing Alone Together prior to being published to the calendar. 

What kinds of classes do you feature?

Dancing Alone Together is focused on dance-based classes of all styles and levels. The calendar does not include fitness, wellness, and mindfulness classes such as stretch classes, strengthening or conditioning classes, yoga, pilates, meditation, etc. unless the offering is intended specifically for dancers.

How do I update the calendar listing for an event that I submitted?

Please use the form above to notify Dancing Alone Together of any necessary edits to the event you submitted.

How do I support your work?

This project is currently being run single-handedly by a professional dancer whose work has been significantly impacted COVID closures. To support this project and her work, please visit or