Studios offering ongoing online community classes

This new trend of digital pop-up classes is exciting, but it’s also important to support the studios we hope to return to. This isolation situation may be temporary, but its impact can be permanent. Please take the time to check in with your local dance organizations to see what their plans are and if there are ways you can support them. It’s critical that we have these physical places in our communities for dance professionals to call home, for dance students of all ages to thrive, and for future generations of artists to flourish.

This map is a collection of U.S. dance studios that had reconfigured their community/open class offerings for an online platform were conducting ongoing live-streamed classes as of September 2020:

To sort studios by region, click the icon in the upper-left corner of the map.

Tip: If you are looking for more offerings in your community, search MINDBODY (website or app) for the term “virtual” with the location set to your area. Many dance and fitness studios use MINDBODY to run their bookings and using that search term will show you the services and classes that are still available digitally.