For Youth and Pre-Professional Dancers

The following are multi-day virtual dancing opportunities with open enrollment that are intended for youth and pre-professional dancers. (* indicates drop-ins permitted)

Fall 2020 Season at Dancewave: Ages 3-18

Dancewave virtual classes support a community of enthusiastic, creative young dancers ages 3 to 18. Dive into Ballet, Modern, or Hip Hop techniques as well as Creative Movement and Storytelling for little ones! All of our programs embrace Dancewave’s supportive Culture Model and are committed to creating an inclusive learning environment for kids of all backgrounds and abilities. Full Semester or Drop-in plans available.

Movement & Art Workshop

DECEMBER 5-26, 2020*
We'll explore our own natural movement by dancing from within, in silence, then we'll transfer the sensations, images, etc. we experience while moving into a visual form through drawing or painting.

GagaHomeLab – Online Workshop

DECEMBER 27-30, 2020
Strengthen your body, sharpen your skills, expand the scope of your sensations, and enrich your artistry in our online winter program. Connect with Ohad Naharin and Gaga’s senior faculty for 4 dance-filled days this December. This workshop is intended for dancers and advanced dance students age 16+.


DECEMBER 27-31, 2020
Classes will be honing in on contemporary ballet and ‘Nique technique and bringing those elements to Complexions repertory with fabulous, world-class faculty. If you register before December 21st, use code HOLIDAY for 10% off tuition.

Virtual Contemporary Ballet Workshop

DECEMBER 28-30, 2020*
PDX Contemporary Ballet's three-day workshop includes daily contemporary ballet class, contemporary ballet repertoire, and choreography class.


DECEMBER 28-31, 2020
4 days of Training, Exploring, and Expanding in an OPEN___SPACE. For ages 16+. 10-4pm PST includes Technique, Master classes, Creation, Conversations.